Board of Directors

The volunteer-based leadership of RBPN consists of a board of directors led by an executive team. All are elected positions.

The executive team includes the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer; each role is elected based upon a one-year term. The board is comprised of 10 members, each of which serves in a staggered two-year term format so that continuity is maintained on an ongoing basis. The most recent past president of RBPN may serve on the board in a non-voting, ex-officio capacity.

2021-2022 Board
Executive Committee



Natalee Fisher

Vice President

Angela Haas


Michael Boucher


Board of Directors

CJ Scarlet

Chair: Sponsorship & Corporate Outreach

Colleen Lyons

Francisco Chavez

Jeff Vojta

Chair: Events & Visibility

Mark Steward

Chair: Membership

Saima Cardwell

Chair: Education & Business Opportunities

Sean Valle


Warren Smith

Yi Wang

Deb Hyson